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Family Therapy in El Segundo, Ca

Family therapy can be a powerful opportunity for families to grow closer, heal from past conflicts, and strengthen their communication skills.

Every family is a unique and complex network of individuals who bring their own strengths and struggles to the table. Even families that have an immense amount of love for one another can clash from time to time, and strained family relationships can be mentally and emotionally exhausting.

If tension within your family unit is starting to create problems for one or more family members, it’s time to reach out for support. A family therapist provides a neutral, supportive space for each member of the family to make their voices heard.

Common Challenges Within Family Units

All families face a unique set of challenges, but family therapy can address virtually any issue as long as everyone commits to healing and growing. Sometimes, one individual’s struggle puts a strain on the entire family. For example, substance use disorders can destroy families even when only one family member has an addiction.

In other cases, strained relationships within the family cause a great deal of emotional pain. If the parents don’t see eye-to-eye and experience frequent conflicts, the kids may pick up on the tension. If the family is experiencing stress or strain, one child may respond by acting out. Another might become the scapegoat for all of the family’s problems. When one person in the family struggles, it often affects the entire family unit.
Any family can seek out counseling at any time. However, many families connect with a family therapist after experiencing stressful life events or major transitions. The following are some of the most common catalysts that lead families to look for therapy:

How Family Therapy Helps

When a family is struggling, at least one family member usually notices that something is wrong. However, addressing the issue on your own can be incredibly difficult. Every family member is too close to the situation, so no one can take an unbiased look at what’s going on. Additionally, no one responds well to feeling accused or attacked. Families often struggle to resolve conflicts or improve their relationships when they try to address their challenges without support.

Your family therapist is a neutral, unbiased figure who can facilitate a healthy discussion between all of the family members. Family therapy provides an opportunity for everyone to express themselves and listen openly to others. Your counselor makes sure that everyone’s voices are heard and that the conversation stays productive and on-topic. If tensions rise during family therapy, your counselor can de-escalate the situation.

Family therapy can also have a powerful long-term impact on your family unit. Although you may attend family therapy to resolve a specific conflict or work through a temporary crisis, the lessons you learn in counseling will last forever. If everyone truly commits to the work, you and your family members can continue to apply the strategies to resolve future conflicts.

Family Therapist in El Segundo, Ca

Soul 2 Soul Healing provides family therapy for families experiencing conflict, mental health issues, major life transitions, and other crises. Our goal is to equip your family with the communication skills necessary to address any challenge. We understand how complicated the family framework can be, but we believe that every member of a family unit should be heard, seen, and understood. If you’re looking for family therapy in El Segundo, Ca, contact us today.

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