What are the negative effects of the 5 Hour Energy drink on your body.


Watch Lisa Blume on CBS LA help viewers discern the?negative effects of 5 Hour Energy drink on your body.

? ?Are you tired of feeling unhappy with little energy to do anything about it?

? ?Do you turn to food every time you feel sad, stressed, unworthiness, or laden with anxiety?

? ?Tired of overeating and never feeling full?

? ?Do feelings of depression keep you from eating healthy and getting the exercise you need?

? ?Is Diabetes preventing you from living the life you want?

? ?Do you want to boost your energy with a healthier diet?

You don?t have to live this way any longer. It?s time to get the tools you need to live a happy and well-balanced life. ? To acquire the skills and new habits to choose healthy meals when you?re sad or depressed. Or when you need a boost in your mood, finding the motivation to get to the gym. And to learn your body and the emotional triggers that affect your food and lifestyle choices. Achieving this level of awareness will dramatically affect not just your blood sugar and weight but ultimately how you look and feel. Wouldn?t it be nice to wake up feeling energized without needing 3 cups of coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up? How about getting comfortable with smaller food portions? Finding sizeable amounts that are right for you to end the bloat and the need to unbutton your pants after every meal? And my favorite, watching the weight fall off…effortlessly! Now let?s get to work!

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and life concerns and received the personal attention you deserve??Los Angeles based Health & Wellness expert, Lisa Blume, provides counseling to people who suffer from Emotional Eating and Diabetes. Lisa educates and empowers her patients to make healthy food and lifestyle choices providing healing techniques that make a remarkable difference in people’s lives today.

Her comprehensive approach to optimal health consists of the following:

First Time Consultation

An assessment of your healthy history, current health, diet, lifestyle, relationships, career/education, physical activity and spirituality/self-love. Together, she will then identify the areas in your life that deserve more attention. She will discuss your short and long-term goals and create a custom program that targets the areas in your life that are needing the most change.

Health & Wellness Counseling

Choose the package that speaks to you. Lisa provides ongoing support and guidance as you set your specific goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. She will address whatever is needed for you at that particular session. Whether it be changes that need to be made to your diet; embarking on a detox program, a new direction your intuition is telling you to take in your life (i.e. relationship, career, education, etc) or guiding you to see the root cause of an unwanted emotion you are experiencing, generally triggered by stress or anxiety.

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